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Stormhats provided protection for the most senstive area of your full size or pop top caravan. The roof is exposed to damage from the weather, as well as becoming a landing spot for leaves and debris.

At Stormcovers Australia we have often installed stormcovers to near new vans that have only been exposed to the elements for a short amount of time though still the roof condition is considerably different to how the van looks on the sides.

Proper protection will ensure the seals remain strong, prevent leaking roofs to cause damage and the foam lining provides impact protecton.

caravan and pop top van stormcovers

Stormhats have been developed at the request of our customers who felt that they were most worried about the roof area of thier caravans and motorhomes being damaged by the weather.

The Stormhat is manufactured using the same high quality materials as the full Stormcover but it is a one piece cover. The cover extends 100cm on the sides of your RV and there is a zippered access point so that you can open your door, images above illustrate this feature.

manufacturing process

Exactly the same as full Stormcovers the hat is manufactured specifically for your Caravan or Motorhome and we require the same photo from you in order to produce the pattern.

Please refer to our MEASURING GUIDE for how to provide the information to us that we require to make your Stormcover.

Stormcovers design

The Stormcovers design is a totally unique cover concept that was developed in Australia. The outer layer of the covers is a high quality UV laminated polyethylene fabric which has a slick finish to it. The inner layer is a specially manufactured extra soft foam that will provide you with impact protection form debris and hail but is soft enough to stay on your vehicle for extended periods of time without scratching the paintwork of your car or the body of caravan.


Can I use my stormcover for long term storage purposes?

Yes, as long you are putting the stormcover onto a clean dry vehicle, but if you put the stormcover onto a wet vehicle it will trap moisture and will cause condensation. Also if you have a lot of dirt and dust on your RV before application the dust can beomcie trapped with the foam and scratch your RV, we always reccomend installation onto a clean dry caravan or motorhome.

How thick is the foam padding?

We use a 4mm foam padding for the inner layer of all stormcover's, we cannot use a foam any thicker than this because the stormcover would then be unmanageable, we offer the best level of protection that we can within the limits of being practical. A Stormcover will take up between 30-50% of your car boot space.

Is the Stormcover totally waterproof?

With the three layers combined the cover is totally waterproof. The outer layer is a tough UV laminated poly fabric and the inner foam layer is 100% waterproof, with a third layer of protective film joined to the foam to prevent tearing and damage, with the three combined layers you have a waterproof Stormcover.

Most of the Stormhat hasa fully stitched edges that are virtually waterproof, but on the zippered section water can penetrate the protective layers and reach the sides of the caravan or motorhome, it will simply run down the sides. Water does not fall onto the roof line.


weatherproof covers

Did you know that Hailstorms are by far the costliest insured Natural Hazard in Australia

Insurance Disaster Response Organisation (IDRO) (2003) list shows that eight of the top twenty most expensive insured natural hazard events in Australia are hailstorms with losses between 1967 and 2003 totaling A$3320m. This represents 34% of total insured losses for major events and the largest proportion for any natural peril

So much Protection

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  • unique design

    Stormcovers were designed in Australia 8 years ago by a sunshine coast inventor and motoring enthusiast, there are now thousands of Stormcovers in use in Australia, by astute Vehicle and RV owners who trust the design and excellent weather protection of Stormcovers

  • testimonials

    A customer had a Stormcover on thier Caravan in a Hail Storm so severe that the roof of thier home was severly damaged, the Stormcover stood up the storm and the owners Caravan was un-damaged. Without the Stormcover damage would have been extensive.

  • peace of mind

    Do you worry about your Car or Caravan every time the sky turns dark and a Storm is approaching?

    Stormcovers give you peace of mind during the annual Storm Season and all year, all round weather protection.