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caravan and pop top stormcovers

1) Take a photo without any angles

2) Take the photo of the side, if possible the door side

3) Do not add anything to the measurements that you take.

4) Measuring is easier with a friend for better accuracy.

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Caravan Stormcover Measuring 1

In the first instance we require an exact side profile photo of your Caravan, we will use this photo to create the pattern.

If you are unable to take a direct side profile photo with your Caravan or Pop Top Caravan in its current location you will need to pull the van out to take the photo.

A photo provided taken at an angle will result in the pattern being distorted and the measurements will not work for the pattern

caravan stormcover measuring 2

In order to detemine the price of your Caravan or Pop Top Stormcover you need the measure the overall exterior measurement at the longest point, if you wish to include your Spare Tyre into the cover design then measure to this point for the correct pricing.

Do not refer to your manufactures brochures or handbooks as in many instances these documents provide information on interior lengths, not exterior.

caravan stormcover measuring 3

Once you have sent the photo to us will mark on the photo some specific angles for you to measure, if you are unable to do these we can work from simply length and height but its easier for us to detemine the accuracy of the pattern if you also provide the measurements as per image 3 on the gallery above.

caravan stormcover measuring 4

When providing us with the Caravan measurements for your Stormcover do not add anything to any of the measurements you take, we will be adding to the size when we make the pattern.

The measuring is best done with two people which will stop the measuring tape from falling down and giving and incorrect overall measurement.

All Stormcovers for Caravans and Pop Tops are manufactured approximately 20cm longer than the actual RV unit and also and are made wider, a Stormcover will not fit like a glove, they are not designed to be tight fitting.

Also each pattern is individually hand cut and some discrepancies can occur in the measurements this is to be expected with covers of this size and does not make them inferior in design or functionality if a cover is a bit longer or bit shorter than our estimated 20cm extra on the length.

weatherproof covers

Did you know that Hailstorms are by far the costliest insured Natural Hazard in Australia

Insurance Disaster Response Organisation (IDRO) (2003) list shows that eight of the top twenty most expensive insured natural hazard events in Australia are hailstorms with losses between 1967 and 2003 totaling A$3320m. This represents 34% of total insured losses for major events and the largest proportion for any natural peril

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    Stormcovers were designed in Australia 8 years ago by a sunshine coast inventor and motoring enthusiast, there are now thousands of Stormcovers in use in Australia, by astute Vehicle and RV owners who trust the design and excellent weather protection of Stormcovers

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    A customer had a Stormcover on thier Caravan in a Hail Storm so severe that the roof of thier home was severly damaged, the Stormcover stood up the storm and the owners Caravan was un-damaged. Without the Stormcover damage would have been extensive.

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    Do you worry about your Car or Caravan every time the sky turns dark and a Storm is approaching?

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