Stormproof Camper Trailer Covers

Storm Protection

Stormcovers are the toughest most durable RV and Vehicle protection covers in the world.

The design features below apply to most Stormcover Camper Trailer Covers


pop up and fold out camper trailer Stormcover features

Camper Trailer Stormcover single panels waterproof Stormcovers for Camper Trailer are made from three solid panels which are stitched together, the cover is almost 100% waterproof, some small amount of water could penetrate through the stitching but we will make the roof section wider than your roof so if this happens the water will run down the sides.
Camper Trailer Stormcovers with triple layer hail protection Stormcovers are manufactured our unique three layer design. The outer layer is an exceptionally durable commercial polyfabric, the inner layer is a 4mm closed cell foam and adjoiing to the foam is a strong film that protects against and protects from tears caused by usage.
Camper Trailer Stormcovers with heavy duty webbing

All edges of the Stormcovers are stitched with a Heavy Duty Polyester webbing which keeps the cover Strong and Durable.

We only use polyester webbing that is designed for heavy duty usage. The webbing cna be treated with high Tech Fabric Guard to prvent mould and mildew.

Camper Trailer Stormcover UV lamination protection

The outer layer of the Stormcover is super strong and super tough designed to cope with even the most extreme UV conditions experienced in Australia. This technically advanced commercial grade polyfabric is manufactured in Australia and engineered for Australian conditions.

With its inner and outer layer UV lamination Stormcovers offer many years of serviceable Camper Trailer protection.

Camper Trailer Stormcovers with closed cell foam The foam used for the inner Stormcover lining is a specially manufactured closed cell foam. It has been treated to resist mould and mildew which makes it ideal for the long term storage solution in all climates that Stormcovers offer.
Camper Trailer Stormcover zipper protection If you choose to optionally have a Three piece zip on cover then we will protect the zipper with a layer of Hook and Loop and Polyester Webbing, so stop dirt and debris getting into the teeth of the zipper
Camper Trailer Stormcovers UV protected thread Stormcovers are stitched using spun bond polyester thread, this means that the stitching is strong and durable.
Camper Trailer Stormcover straps to hold and secure in position

Stormcovers are supplied with straps with side release buckles these are used to secure the cover under the body of the van from side to side as well as end to end.

There are a total of 16 securing points to each Stormcover ensuring no matter what the weather the Stormcover will stay in position, even in the strongest winds.

Stormcovers design

The Stormcovers design is a totally unique cover concept that was developed in Australia. The outer layer of the covers is a high quality UV laminated polyethylene fabric which has a slick finish to it. The inner layer is a specially manufactured extra soft foam that will provide you with impact protection form debris and hail but is soft enough to stay on your vehicle for extended periods of time without scratching the body of caravan.


Can I use my stormcover for long term storage purposes?

Yes, as long you are putting the stormcover onto a clean dry vehicle, but if you put the stormcover onto a wet vehicle it will trap moisture and will cause condensation. Also if you put the stormcover onto a dirty dusty car and leave it for extended periods of time then the dust can scratch the car.

Can you make Stormcover's for any vehicle?

Yes we can make stormcover's for any Car, Caravan, Camper Trailer and 5th wheelers and Motorhomes, but we usually only go up to a maximum length of 10 metres as a a stormcover for a vehicle longer than 10 metres would be difficult to put on, we have made Stormcover's for all kinds of unusual vehicles, so please feel free to contact us with your custom requests

How thick is the foam padding?

We use a 4mm foam padding for the inner layer of all stormcover's, we cannot use a foam any thicker than this because the stormcover would then be unmanageable, we offer the best level of protection that we can within the limits of being practical. A Stormcover will take up between 30-50% of your car boot space (cars only).

Is the Stormcover totally waterproof?

With the 3 layers combined the cover is totally waterproof. The outer layer is a tough UV laminated poly fabric and the inner foam layer is 100% waterproof, with a third layer of protective film joined to the foam to prevent tearing and damage, with the three combined layers you have a waterproof Stormcover. Where there are zippers in very heavy rain very small trickles of water might pass through the two outer protective layers over the zip and then onto the vehicle but this is a small amount of water which will quickly fall off of the vehicle.

If you own a Caravan, Camper Trailer or Motorhome then a Stormcover will give you absolute peace of mind. Offering more than Hail protection, many RV owners buy Stormcovers as an alternative to putting up a shed, they cost considerably less than a shed and are portable. Stormcovers provide a protective shell that will keep your RV in new condition, not only protecting from the weather but also retaining resale value.

For all Caravans and Motorhomes Stormcovers are manufactured using our own three piece zip on design cover. This makes Stormcovers manageable to take off and on, most people are able to put on a Stormcover alone without any assistance.


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  • unique design

    Stormcovers were designed in Australia 8 years ago by a sunshine coast inventor and motoring enthusiast, there are now thousands of Stormcovers in use in Australia, by astute Vehicle and RV owners who trust the design and excellent weather protection of Stormcovers

  • testimonials

    A customer had a Stormcover on thier Caravan in a Hail Storm so severe that the roof of thier home was severly damaged, the Stormcover stood up the storm and the owners Caravan was un-damaged. Without the Stormcover damage would have been extensive.

  • peace of mind

    Do you worry about your Car or Caravan every time the sky turns dark and a Storm is approaching?

    Stormcovers give you peace of mind during the annual Storm Season and all year, all round weather protection.