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high quality boat covers

Stormcovers Australia are the Australian distributors for Carver Boat Covers manufactured in the USA by Carver Industries.

We also stock a range of ready made boat covers and between the two ranges on offer we are able to offer fantastic quality covers to suit all budgets.

The range of patterns includes fully custom made options available for many thousands of popular USA manufactured boat models.

Styled to fit and Semi Custom Fit covers sutable for over 20,000 boat models

custom made boat covers

For many thousands of popular USA manufactured boat models we are able to ffer fuylly tailored custom fit boat covers at a fraction of the costs charged by local marine trimmers. These covers are available in two fabric options with up to 30 colour choices and up to 5 years warranty dependant on fabric selection.

Our custom made boat cover range lead time is 3 to 4 weeks from date of order and will fit models that have not had any after market accessories fitted to them, new models and patterns are added to the range weekly.

Image below is a fully tailored custom made fit boat cover

boat cover custom made low price from usa

styled to fit boat covers

In the Styled to Fit Cover range there are over 50 boat styles of cover designed for many popular boat styles such as bowriders, runabouts, open boat, etc and each of the covers can be made in 12 colour choices, and include a pocket on the back for all outboard models, effectively offering outboard motor coverage at no extra charge. All styled to fit covers are customer made to order, they offer an excellent level of protection, at a lower price than custom made but for many models the fit is so good that you would think it is tailored just for your individual boat model.

The photo below is a Styled to Fit cover which you can see offers an excellent fit, the level of fitting quality does depend on the exact boat model but we will advise if the fitting will not be very good before proceeeding with the manufacturing process.

styled to fit made to order boat cover

ready made semi custom Boat Covers

Stormcovers Australia are authorised resellers of the Ocean South range of semi custom ready made boat covers, similar in design and fit as the styled to fit cover range though less styles are available in this range. Available in blue only and coverage is not provided for outboard motors, though you can optionally purchase a seperate outboard motor cover.

If you looking for a very reasonably priced boat cover ideally suited to trailering and storage and have a popular style of boat then this range of covers could suit your needs.

All of the styled to fit and the ready made semi custom fit covers can be purchased online at

boat cover semi custom fit

Do you need a Boat Cover?

Protecting your boat with a cover will help to presever resale value of your asset, they are also convenient for travel with your boat as you can store things inside the boat and the cover effectivey acts a travel lid.

Though boats are designed to be strong and durable they are still affected by the UV and weather and a good quality protective cover will help prevent this damage. A cover is a small investment for your big investment


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All Boat Covers, outboard motor covers and Bimini Covers available online at

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  • unique design

    Stormcovers were designed in Australia 8 years ago by a sunshine coast inventor and motoring enthusiast, there are now thousands of Stormcovers in use in Australia, by astute Vehicle and RV owners who trust the design and excellent weather protection of Stormcovers

  • testimonials

    A customer had a Stormcover on thier Caravan in a Hail Storm so severe that the roof of thier home was severly damaged, the Stormcover stood up the storm and the owners Caravan was un-damaged. Without the Stormcover damage would have been extensive.

  • peace of mind

    Do you worry about your Car or Caravan every time the sky turns dark and a Storm is approaching?

    Stormcovers give you peace of mind during the annual Storm Season and all year, all round weather protection.